Psychology deals with human beings and society. Mind and behavior change in situations and develop over the life span. This takes place in the larger societal and cultural contexts that have an influence on individuals. According to recent breakthroughs in scientific thinking this complex interchange includes the genome, endocrinological processes, the brain, psychological functions like cognitions and memory, and behaviors including goal-oriented action.  Psychological research and application reflects this interdisciplinary view, and collaboration with other disciplines such as neuroscience and economics gained in importance. Given rapid social change around the globe, psychology needs to investigate human mind and behavior (and conduct comparative analyses with animals with whom we share evolutionary origins) by a collective action of scientists from all corners and traditions of the world. Psychology is judged by its impact on society and human well being, and here applies what was shown for science in general: Nations that support science and knowledge evaluation indeed produced stronger societies with people having a better standard of living and health.

In this section of our website, we will showcase psychology’s response to some of society’s greatest challenges and also how IUPsyS’s activities have had impact.