IUPsyS Communique on COVID-19

Dear Members of the IUPsyS Family

The International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) trusts that you and yours are coping with the challenges caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – an unprecedented global public health phenomenon affecting most nations and regions of the world.

Besides the serious physical outcomes of the virus, social anxiety and the mental health needs of individuals, groups and communities who are directly and indirectly affected, will continue to grow.

Psychologists have an important role in supporting people at all levels. Psychologists also have a role in addressing consequences such as stigma of those who may test positive, and discrimination and prejudice of those who, because of their national origin or ethnicity, are wrongly perceived by some to be responsible for the rise and growth of the pandemic.

IUPsyS recognises that the amount of on-line traffic can be overwhelming and does not wish to impede important messages that need to be promoted to the public or contribute to anxiety associated with the volume of information by adding to this “infodemic”. 

IUPsyS has not previously – and will not now – replace the critical role and function of our National Members and Affiliates in appropriately addressing issues that emerge in their various contexts.  IUPsyS commends National Members and Affiliates who are providing important interventions, resources and support for their members, frontline health workers and the public during this pandemic. Our National Members and Affiliates, who are doing such sterling work to contain and mitigate this scourge that we all face, are encouraged to continue sharing resources and collaborating – at least regionally – to turn the tide on a virus that defies national borders. 

Stay safe and remain protected, whilst helping others.

Yours sincerely and in solidarity.

Professor Pam Maras

IUPsyS President