IUPsyS Saddened By Devastating Occurrences in Beirut

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Publish Date:
05 Aug, 2020


IUPsyS is deeply shocked and saddened by the devastating occurrences in Beirut harbour on the afternoon of 04 August 2020, which have had cataclysmic effects on the people and infrastructure of Lebanon both now and in the aftermath of the explosions. IUPsyS strongly calls for an international humanitarian response to support the people of Lebanon, whose resilience has over the years been severely tested to the extreme, as we have sadly witnessed over these many months.

We extend our solidarity to our National Member, the Lebanese Psychological Association, which will be working with all those affected. We have been in contact with our Executive Committee Member, Prof Brigitte Khoury, who lives and works in Beirut.

Our thoughts are with our colleagues and the people of Beirut during this humanitarian crisis of immense proportions.