IUPsyS Impact

Impact also concerns the results of activities by IUPsyS as a scientific organization toward international institutions that are gatekeepers for the success of psychological research and practice. Our collaboration with other science organizations on a global level enables us to address decision making bodies at the highest level. We want to support the production of innovative psychological insights by various global measures, such as lobbying for allocating sufficient funding for psychological research in competition with other sciences, promoting the adherence to universal ethic criteria in the interest of participants and recipients of psychological research, or establishing adequate standards concerning facilities and infrastructure for education and training of the future generation of psychologists. 

Likewise, on a more practical level we support psychological science and application by organizing workshops and conferences to promote competent development and application of psychological knowledge, to help prevent harm for well-being and avoid mental difficulties and disorders in extraordinary challenges such as disasters, to encourage the design of work organizations that are in match for changing human conditions across the life span, or by analyzing conditions that allow accommodation to the streams of international migration taking place in this globalized work, and for fair integration into societies.