Advanced Research and Training Seminars (ARTS)

ARTS provide training opportunities for scholars from low-income countries.  It promotes attendance at the international congresses of its sponsoring organizations. ARTS seminars are held every 2 years for 1-3 days in conjunction with major international congresses of psychology.

ARTS is organized by:
International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)
International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS)

ARTS 2012

The ARTS Program

ARTS 2012 took place in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in association with the International Congress of Psychology (ICP 2012) and the Congress of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP 2012).

The three Seminars in the 2012 ARTS Program were:

  • Seminar 1: Coping with the Strains of Globalization: Culturally Appropriate Methods for Research on Health and Wellbeing (Conveners: Sonia Suchday and Oscar Barbarin)
  • Seminar 2: Analyses of Psychological Data with R (Convener: Reinhold Kliegl)
  • Seminar 3: Research as Praxis: Action and Theory-Making and Application in Community Psychology Research (Conveners: Mohamed Seedat and Sandy Lazarus)

Evaluation Of The 2012 ARTS Program

ARTS was evaluated by both the ARTS participants and by the seminar conveners.

Report Of ARTS For International Journal Of Psychology

A report of ARTS 2012 will be available here in due course.

Reports From Previous ARTS Programs

ARTS 2000, ARTS 2002,  ARTS 2004, ARTS 2006, ARTS 2008, ARTS 2010

ARTS Sponsorship

ARTS Programs And Alumni

ARTS Steering Committee: 
Thomas Oakland, IAAP; Gonca Soygut, IUPsyS
Arts Coordinator:  Nick Hammond, IUPsyS Executive Officer