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Adhering Member

  U.S. National Committee for the IUPsySUnited States Flag
  National Academy of Sciences
  500 Fifth Street
  NW Washington
  DC 20001
  c/o Lois Peterson Kent

  Tel.: +1-202-334-2807

  Fax: +1-202-334-2231

  Email: LPeterso@nas.edu
  Web: www.nationalacademies.org/usnc-iupsys

Chair, USNC

  Sonia Suchday
  Email:  ssuchday@pace.edu


  Ester Sztein
  Email: esztein@nas.edu

Membership Category

  6; 2 delegates

Delegates to the IUPsyS

  Sonia Suchday
  Email: ssuchday@pace.edu

  Oscar Barbarin
  Email: barbarin@tulane.edu


Representing over 114 000 psychologists, based on memberships   of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological   Society, Psychonomic Society, and Society for Research in Child         Development