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Procedures for Admission of National Member Organizations to the International Union of Psychological Science

Admission occurs following the steps detailed below.

  1. A formal petition for admission to the IUPsyS is sent to the Secretary-General of the Union by the appropriate official of the national organization of psychology. The letter requesting admission should be accompanied by the following information in English:
    • A copy in English of the national organization’s constitution, statutes, and by-laws;
    • A list of current officers.
    • A list of current members (if available) and a brief statement describing the general characteristics of the membership (their academic qualifications, occupations, representativeness of scientific psychology throughout the nation etc., stated in general terms).
    • A brief statement on the history of the organization and some of its main past and current activities.
    • Any additional information providing assurances that the organization is a truly national organization of scientific psychology, regularly established. (Where there is more than one such national organization in a country, a federation or association that includes all of them shall be eligible for national membership in the IUPsyS).
  2. After ascertaining that the above information is complete, the Secretary-General sends the petition and supporting documentation to the IUPsyS Executive Committee for review and approval.  If recommended by the Executive Committee, the petition will then come before the IUPsyS Assembly for review.
  3. The petition and accompanying information are distributed to all voting members of the IUPsyS Assembly for approval.
  4. The Secretary-General notifies the national organization of psychology of its admission to the IUPsyS, effective upon receipt of annual dues. The Membership Category is determined according to a score calculated from country resources, number of psychologists, and development of psychology in the country.  The dues are set in terms of six-category system, as follows:


National Members Score

Annual dues (2014)


0 to 199



200 to 359



360 to 599



600 to 999



1000 to 1299



1300 and over


An additional temporary category, Category O (Observer status), is permitted, involving no annual dues or voting rights.  The expectation is that Members in the Observer Category will become regular dues-paying Members in a timely manner.

Admissions material should be sent to:

Ann Watts, Secretary-General, IUPsyS

Affiliated Status with IUPsyS

Organizations may apply to become affiliates of IUPsyS.  The IUPsyS cooperates with its affiliated organizations in various ways, such as in planning congresses and conferences, in special projects or through consultations.

Current List of Affiliated Organizations

Criteria for Becoming an Affiliated Organization

The following kinds of international organizations of scientific psychology may be apply to be an Affiliated Organization of the IUPsyS:

  • worldwide or regional international organizations whose members are individuals.
  • regional international organizations whose members are national associations.
  • The purposes of the organization must be essentially psychological in nature.
  • There must be a strong presence of psychologists among its members.

Potential Benefits of Affiliate Status

Affiliate status does not confer membership rights in the IUPsyS but aids in communication and collaboration among organizations with mutual interests in the development and applications of psychology.

Benefits for the Affiliate Include

  • Affiliated organizations are invited to send an observer to the biennial IUPsyS Assembly meeting.
  • Affiliated organizations receive electronic copies of the IUPsyS Bulletin.
  • Affiliated organizations may be invited to contribute to the IUPsyS activities, including consultations, planning of events or participation in working groups, where this is of mutual benefit and relevant to their fields of expertise.
  • Affiliated organizations may be invited to contribute to events organised by the IUPsyS.
  • Where there are mutual benefits in doing so, the IUPsyS may facilitate communication between an Affiliate and the IUPsyS’ National Members.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities within global psychology research, education and practice.
  • Enhanced international reputation and profile through association with the IUPsyS.

Benefits for IUPsyS Include

  • Broader scope of input to the IUPsyS developments.
  • Access to expertise for specific IUPsyS projects or other activities.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities within global psychology research, education and practice.
  • Enhanced international reputation and profile through association with affiliates.

Template For Bilateral Arrangements Between IUPsyS And Its Affiliates

Applying for Affiliate Status

Organizations can only become an Affiliate by the vote of the IUPsyS Assembly, which meets every two years.  Applications to become an Affiliated Organization are first considered by the IUPsyS Executive Committee.

The application documents should include:

  • A covering letter outlining why the organization is seeking Affiliate status.
  • Brief information on the structure and purpose of the organization.
  • A copy of the organization’s statutes (or equivalent).
  • Information on the membership of the organization, including number of members and categories of membership.

The Executive Committee and Assembly will consider the application in relation to both the Criteria for Affiliate Status described above and the potential benefits that Affiliate status will bring to the applicant and to the IUPsyS.

There are no costs associated with applying for or holding Affiliate status.

For further details, please contact the Union’s secretariat (