50th anniversary Psychological Association of the Philippines

A semi-centennial is an event to celebrate indeed!

From modest beginnings when the first leadership of PAP was elected on January 1, 1963 the progressive vision and future trajectory of psychology in the Philippines was indelibly set. Of the 26 distinguished PAP Presidents, most have left their mark not only on Sikolohiyang Pilipino but importantly on psychology internationally. A testament to PAP’s solid scientific foundations was its admission as a member of IUPsyS a mere two years after its formation. Despite periods of trying socio-political circumstances, PAP has during its organic growth and development been steadfast in its social relevance and quest for social transformation and restoration of the humanity of those who have been underserved and who tend to be forgotten in most of academic psychology, save as footnotes and objects of research, which they certainly aren’t. Translating relevant research findings into policy imperatives and replicable interventions that benefit the greater society has been at the forefront of PAP’s mission.

PAP today represents the trend to excellence in organized professional psychology globally and continues to place the science of our discipline foremost in all of our endeavors as psychologists. The continuing recognition of the profession in the Philippines and the positive roles that PAP plays in the life-long education and training of psychologists, in lobbying government (which resulted in the Psychology Act being promulgated), in continuing relationships with its varied stakeholders and the Philippine public, augur well for the future of psychology as a science and profession in your country. Of note is PAP’s engendering of collegiality and cooperation amongst psychologists in the developing world and its championing of psychology in the ASEAN Region, which we trust will help to fly psychology’s flag high and be exemplary for other regions of the world.

The IUPsyS Executive Committee and the more than 80 national members and some 20 regional and international affiliates of IUPsyS join me in wishing PAP well for its next 50 years.