2008 IUPsyS-Mattei-Dogan Award Recipient

2008 IUPsyS-Mattei-Dogan Award Recipient Awarded US National Medal Of Science

The recipient of the 2008 IUPsyS-Mattei Dogan award, Michel Posner, Professor at the University of Oregon, was one of nine researchers awarded the highest honor given by US government to scientists, engineers and inventors, the US National Medal of Science.

Posner, who received the Mattei Dogan award at the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Psychology in Berlin, and who also delivered the Baltes memorial lecture at the Congress, is a leading pioneer in developing and expanding the field of cognitive neuro-science. He is cited for illuminating how the mind works and how the operations of the mind can be mapped onto activation patterns in the brain, linking the psychology of the mind and the biology of brain function.

Posner’s current research deals with genetic and experience-related factors in the development of brain networks underlying attention and self-regulation, and uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electro-encephalography (EEG) and molecular genetic methods.

Posner joins other psychologists who have received the US Presidential National Medal of Science Previous Medal recipients who are psychologists include Neal Miller (1964) Harry Harlow (1967), B. F. Skinner (1968), Herbert Simon (1986), Anne Anastasi (1987), Roger Sperry (1989), Patrick Suppes (1990), George Miller (1991), Eleanor Gibson (1992), Allen Newell (1992), Roger Shepard (1995), William Estes (1997), R. Duncan Luce (2003), and Gordon Bower (2005).


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