Germán Gutiérrez Profile

Germán Gutiérrez obtained his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, USA. Before that, he completed his Psychology degree at the National University of Colombia (NUC). He is currently an Associate Professor at NUC. His teaching interests are mainly in behavioral processes, experimental psychology, learning, and behavioral evolution. His primary research endeavors concern the role of learning in the evolution of behavior. He also investigates the history of psychology and the development of psychology’s scientific and professional aspects.

Gutiérrez has been Director of the Animal Learning and Behavior Laboratory (since 2001), Psychology Graduate Coordinator (2001-2003), Chair of the Department of Psychology (2011-2014), and Associate Dean for Research at the School of Human Sciences (2009-2010). He has directed undergraduate thesis and graduate thesis and dissertations and has been the project author and coordinator of the masters and Ph.D. programs in Psychology at NUC.

Gutiérrez has also served as President of the Colombian Association of Psychology Faculties (2012-2014), Member of the Directive Council of the Colombian College of Psychologists (2011-2017), Member of the workgroup of the International Project on Competences in Psychology (2013-2016), Vice-president of the Colombian College of Psychologists (2014-2017), Delegate for Colombia to the IUPsyS General Assembly (1996, 2000, 2008, 2012, 2016), President of the International Society for Comparative Psychology (2014-2016), and Member of the Executive Committee of IUPsyS (2016-2020+). He is currently the President-Elect of IUPsyS.

Germán has been a peer reviewer for the Ministry of Education of Colombia to evaluate undergraduate and graduate programs seeking accreditation. He also has extensive experience in scientific publications, as Chief Editor of the Latin American Journal of Psychology (2004-2008), Associate Editor of Advances in Latin American Psychology, and Member of the Editorial Boards of multiple psychology journals. He has peer-reviewed articles for nearly 30 journals. He has published over 100 articles, chapters, and dissemination papers on the evolution of behavior and learning, the history of psychology, and psychology’s status and development in Latin America. He received the National Award for Research in Psychology from the Colombian Society of Psychology (2008).

In recent years, Gutiérrez has worked in capacity-building initiatives to promote an atmosphere of collaboration that recognizes the importance of Psychology worldwide, seeking to promote initiatives that lead to joint construction of processes to strengthen psychology in the Latin American region and at global scope. One such initiative is the Observatory of Psychology in Latin America (OPAL), of which he is its founder and Director. OPAL provides information on the development of psychology in Latin America regarding organizations, professional training and quality, research resources, and global impact (see