Martina Klicperova Profile

Martina Klicperova (aka Martina Klicperova-Baker) Ph.D., D.Sc. is a senior research scholar at the Institute of Psychology, the Czech Academy of Sciences; also affiliated with San Diego State University, USA. Her research focuses mainly on political psychology (psychology of democracy, political culture, democratic citizenship, transition to democracy), and on prosocial behavior & civility. She is fluent in English and Czech, she communicates in German, Russian, Polish, and Slovak, and she has a reading knowledge of Spanish and Swedish languages.

Her teaching experience includes Stanford University (Department of Psychology and Extended Studies), San Diego State University (Psychology, Political Science), Arizona State University (Psychology, Leisure Studies), and Charles University (Psychology, CIEE classes). She serves as an Associate Editor of the European Societies and on the Editorial Board of the Current Issues in Personality Psychology.

She has worked as a convener and organizer and has a rich administrative experience: Most recently, she worked as the Scientific Committee Chair and an Organizing Committee member of ICP2020+ congress, as the President and organizer of the IACCP2020+ congress (and as a convener and organizer of the past European Congress of Psychology, European Congress on Work & Organizational Psychology, Eurosphere General Assembly, among others). She served on the IUPsyS Executive Committee (2016-2021), on the Executive Committee of the International Association of the Cross-cultural Psychology (IACCP 2016-2021), on the Governing Council of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP in 2006-2008); she has founded and heads the Political Psychology/Psychology of Democracy section of the Czech-Moravian Psychology Society. After the democratic Velvet Revolution of 1989, she served as the Head of Foreign Relations Office, Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Prague (1990-1991) and facilitated the expansion of international student programs there (e.g., the Council on International Educational Exchange – CIEE).

She acts or has acted as a principal investigator or national coordinator of projects focusing on democratic culture, democratic transition, and post-totalitarian experience funded by the European Commission, Open Society Fund, IREX, Visegrad Grants, the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, and the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her h-index is 11 and recent publications include Democracy – Institutionalized conflict resolution: Social Psychological explanation of its decline (2020, co-authorship with I. K. Feierabend) in Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology; Show Trials in Communist Countries: Psychology of the Ultimate Cases of Character Assassination (2019) In Samoilenko, S.; Icks, M.; Keohane, J.; Shiraev, E. (Eds): Routledge Handbook of Character Assassination and Reputation Management (p. 1-15). New York: Routledge; and Democratic Values in the Post-Communist Region: The Incidence of Traditionalists, Skeptics, Democrats, and Radicals (in co-authorship with J. Kostal) In N. Lebedeva, R. Dimitrova, and J. Berry (Eds) (2018): Changing Values and Identities in the Post-Communist World (pp. 27-51). Cham: Springer.

She strives to stress the humanistic aspect of psychology and to publicize psychology as advocacy for humanity, extending its pro-social influence on policies and politics.