Robertas Povilaitis Profile

Dr Robertas Povilaitis graduated as a Clinical Psychologist in 2000 and received a PhD in 2008 at Vilnius University. Currently, he is working as a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology, Vilnius University, Lithuania. He is also a director of an NGO Child Line that provides emotional support to children and adolescents. 

Dr Robertas Povilaitis served as the Secretary General of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) from 2010-2019. He has taken part in various International Congresses of Psychology, as well as various European policy events organized by the European Commission, the European Parliament, and World Health Organization. 

Dr Robertas Povilaitis has attended high-level conferences on the European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being and on Mental Health in Youth and Education. He regularly attends meetings of the European Health Policy Forum (the advisory body to the Directorate for Health and Food Safety of the European Commission), Health Policy Platform, and was a member of the organizing committee of the EFPA conference “Psychology – A Contribution to EU Policy Making” at the European Parliament.  He was a member of the Advisory Committee of the Joint Action of Mental Health and Well-being and has taken part in various events organized by EU-Compass for Action on Mental Health and Well-being.