Standing Committee on Capacity Building

Terms Of Reference

  • to have an overview and to facilitate the development of Union policy in relation to capacity building
  • to support the development of psychology as a science and a profession, e.g. standards and guidelines for psychology
  • to ensure the progress of ARTS
  • to support a program of capacity building programs and activities, including the development of research capacity in developing countries and countries in transition, and the development of national associations in their ability to represent psychology in their countries
  • to develop and facilitate psychology at the regional level including Conferences, networks and other activities
  • to develop terms of reference for its Work Groups

Work Groups that report to the Standing Committee:

Work Group on Development of National Organizations
Work Group on Advanced Research Training Seminars (ARTS)
Work Group on Education for Psychologists
Work Group on Health Net and Health Psychology


Workshop Series: Promoting Peace in the Caucasus Region

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  • Follow up