International Social Science Council

IUPsyS was represented at the 29th International Social Science Council (ISSC) General Assembly that ended in Montreal, Canada on 12 October 2013 by President Saths Cooper, Secretary-General Ann Watts, and Treasurer Michel Sabourin.

Left to Right – Michel Sabourin (Treasurer), Heide Hackman (Executive Director), Saths Cooper (Vice President Information and Communications), Alberto Martinelli (President) and Elisa Reis (Vice President Science)

Saths Cooper was elected ISSC Vice President (Information and Communications) and Michel Sabourin was re-elected Treasurer. Alberto Martinelli of the International Sociological Association was elected President. This was a critical ISSC General Assembly that reflected social science endeavors in the world and interdisciplinary programs with partners like ICSU and UNESCO.

Volume 5 number 10 Bulletin (October 2013)