IUPsyS offers condolences following acts of terror in Paris

On behalf of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS), I offer heartfelt condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of all those who lost their lives to the heinous acts of terror perpetrated in the heart of France over the last few days.  The murders in Paris represent an unconscionable attack on all of us everywhere who recognize the inherent value of human life.  We must therefore stand together in condemning inexcusable acts of terror in any form and continuing the quest for better understanding and tolerance of the essential diversity that the globe comprises. 

Our hearts go out to the French people and to all whose lives have been devastated by mindless terror everywhere. We commend the resilience and resolve demonstrated by people from all walks of life in the wake of the Paris murders. The last few days serve as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of standing steadfast in our pursuit of a better and more compassionate world that truly cherishes LibertéÉgalité and Fraternité – Saths Cooper