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  • Publication of report of WHO IUPsyS survey

    Publish Date: 12 Jun, 2013

    Psychologists' perspectives on the diagnostic classification of mental disorders: Results from the WHO-IUPsyS Global Survey in International Journal of Psychology. Read MoreRead More

  • Unions Executive Committee Annual Meeting

    Publish Date: 6 Jun, 2013

    The annual meeting of the Union’s Executive Committee took place in Yokohama, Japan, 25-28 May, generously hosted by the Organizing Committee for the International Congress of Psychology (ICP) 2016 and the Japanese Psychological Association. The Committee visited the venue for ICP2016, the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center,...Read More

  • United Nations Psychology Day

    Publish Date: 25 Apr, 2013

    Psychology Day at the United Nations April 25th, 2013 UN Psychology Day Participants The 6th annual Psychology Day at the United Nations was held at the UN Church Center in New York on April 25th, 2013, with the theme Psychology and Violence in the Global Context: Antecedents, Consequences and Prevention. The...Read More

  • IUPsyS receives funding from ICSU

    Publish Date: 25 Mar, 2013

    Building individual and organizational capacity for psychological intervention after disasters in the asia and pacific region Natural and man-made disasters have tremendous consequences for destruction of physical infrastructure and social institutions, often leading to displacement of populations. These conditions have short...Read More

  • Report of IUPsyS Workshop: Disaster and Bereavement

    Publish Date: 25 Feb, 2013

    Report of the IUPsyS Capacity Building Workshop for Countries of Central Asia: “Disaster and Bereavement” Tbilisi, Georgia November 17-21, 2012 Following the success of the series of three capacity-building workshops, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as part of its “Conflict Prevention in the...Read More

  • End of year message from IUPsyS President

    Publish Date: 1 Feb, 2013

    2012 has been a tough year for society globally. An ailing world economy and rapidly advancing technology are making people redundant. Countless people continue to lose their livelihood & their homes. Life is becoming tougher for ordinary people, while natural disasters & environmental degradation are devastating...Read More

  • Evaluation of ARTS 2012 Program

    Publish Date: 11 Dec, 2012

    Evaluation of ARTS 2012 A. Evaluation forms Each of the ARTS Seminars was evaluated on the final day of the seminar by means of questionnaires given to ARTS conveners and participants. The questionnaires included quantitative ratings and open-ended questions about participants’ and conveners’ expectations and reactions...Read More

  • Silbereisen on Scientific Program Committee

    Publish Date: 12 Nov, 2012

    The Former President Rainer K Silbereisen is to serve on Scientific Program Committee for the World Social Science Forum. Read MoreRead More

  • IUPsyS Request for Proposals

    Publish Date: 8 Nov, 2012

    Publications and Communications Program: Request for Proposals. IUPsyS has issued a Request for Proposals from publishing companies to contribute to the Union's publications objectives. Read MoreRead More

  • Outcomes Of General Assembly 2012

    Publish Date: 15 Aug, 2012

    Many thanks to all National Member Delegates and Representatives, Affiliate Representatives and other friends who attended and contributed to the recent Assembly meetings in Cape Town. Key Outcomes Of The Meetings Included: Elections and appointments Election of President: Dr Saths Cooper Election of Vice-President: Dr...Read More